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Counselling In Enfield

No matter who you are or what difficulties you are facing, I am here to help. Sharing your feelings and thoughts with an empathic and experienced therapist can help with improved mental wellbeing and the capacity to confront your issues.

Counselling in Enfield and Palmers Green

I offer counselling & psychotherapy in Enfield & Pamers Green/Southgate

An empathic & non-judgemental space

Talking about your thoughts in feelings in a supportive space can help you face your problems


Tom MacKay, Counsellor Enfield & Palmers Green


Anxiety is a normal emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. When anxiety becomes severe and persistent, it can interfere with daily activities and cause physical and psychological symptoms. Counselling & psychotherapy can help.


 Counselling can help you learn how to manage stress and understand the causes of stress to help to reduce its negative effects.


Depression  affects how you feel, think, and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. Counselling & psychotherapy can help.

About Me

Counselling In Enfield

Thank you for visiting this website. I offer counselling and psychotherapy in Enfield, EN1, for individuals and for a wide range of issues. Everyone experiences challenging situations and experiences in life; talking about these issues can help to lessen the stress and challenges we face. Counselling can help with anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, life choices and many other areas.

In life we often face major changes, crises at work or home, or general feelings of unhappiness with an area of life. Speaking to a professional counsellor, who gives your their full attention, allows you talk through issues that are troubling you without being judged. Frequently, the first step to decide to work with a counsellor can be the most challenging, especially if you have never had therapy before. On these web pages I hope to give you an introduction to counselling and the way that I work.

You may have certain behavioural, relational or communication patterns that have been causing you difficulties and you don’t know how to change them. Counselling and psychotherapy can help you gain deeper understanding and insight of yourself, allowing yourself to change these patterns.

Counselling Enfield

Counselling Can Help With…

Sleep Problems

Find out more about how counselling can help with sleep problems


Counselling can help you through this challenging time


Counselling can provide a safe and non-judgemental space


Find out how you can learn to manage anger


Counselling can provide a supportive space to help you


Fears can hold us back in every area of life

Self Confidence

Find out more about how counselling can help you build your self confidence


Trauma can affect us years after the events that caused it


Difficult or intense emotions can be challenging. Counselling can help

My approach to counselling & psychotherapy

Counsellor Enfield & Palmers Green

I have been working in the area of psychotherapy, counselling and personal development for over twenty years and am an accredited member of the UKCP. During that time I have worked with a wide range of issues and people from diverse backgrounds. I aim to provide a warm and non-judgemental space for you to explore the issues in your life. I have trained in many different therapeutic modalities and try to be flexible in my approach depending upon your needs.

Before becoming a therapist, I originally trained as a professional violinist at the Royal Academy of Music. At the same time a took a degree in psychology. I became more and more curious about how we think and feel and then trained over four years as a psychotherapist. I regularly attend clincial workshops and courses to improve my skills and knowledge and am passionate about the mind-body connection.

As well as being a psychotherapist and counsellor, I am programme leader and a senior lecturer in Counselling and Coaching on the MSc course at the University of East London. I also have worked as the counsellor for an FE college in North London and the London Contemporary Dance School.

When I work with clients, counselling may last from from a couple of months through to several years. I believe that everyone can benefit from counselling and psychotherapy and gain a deeper understanding of themself. As you explore the patterns in your behaviour you will gain awareness of where these patterns originated and how they continue to impact your life. In developing this awareness, you discover the potential to review and change these pattern if you desire to do so. For most people, it is important to commit to working for at least 12 sessions.

Old behavioural and communication patterns developed in the past can interfere with our ability to develop healthy and positive relationships in the present. As well as developing a deeper understanding of yourself, you may also find that your relationships with other people improve as you pursue counselling and psychotherapy.

Do You Have Any Questions?


Here are some commonly asked questions about counselling and psychotherapy


How many sessions will I need?

Psychotherapy varies in the number of the sessions you need. It largely depends upon a combination of the complexity of the issues you want to resolve, the type of therapy and the therapist. Most issues will need a minimum of 6 – 12 sessions, however for many issues and the type of therapy involved sessions may be open ended. I find many clients like an open ended approach, and we will work collaboratively to help plan the right approach together.


What is the difference between counselling & psychotherapy

Many counselling and psychotherapy trainings cover similar topics. Counsellors often call themselves psychotherapists. Most psychotherapy training is longer than counselling training, requiring at least 4 years of study.


What types of therapy do you offer?

I am an integrative psychotherapist and counsellor. My approach includes the following modalities – psychodynamic, person centred, ACT, Exposure & Response Prevention, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Mindfulness, CBT.


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“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Viktor E.Frankl

“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes”

Carl Jung

“The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free”

Rollo May


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