Counselling for bereavement

Bereavement can be one of the most challenging experiences in our lives. Everyone experiences grief when someone close dies, and everyone also copes in different ways. It can become difficult to adjust to the major changes in your life. Your routines, beliefs and sense of normality get shaken up.

There's no right or wrong way to feel in these times. You might find you sometimes get angry, depressed or even numb.

Possibly the most helpful way to help with the grieving process is to talk to someone. For some people this could be friends or family, however for most people speaking to a counsellor is the best way to get through this very difficult time. Talking helps you to adjust to this new life that has changed so much. When you keep things bottled up, it often prolongs the pain and even can make it worse. Moving on involves acknowledging the loss, even though this can be so painful.

The death of someone you care about can have the biggest impact on your life. The process of bereavement involves learning to accept what has happened and adjusting to life without that person, whilst at the same time finding a way to keep the memories alive whilst being able to move back to 'normal' life.

Mourning is a very important process as part of grieving, allowing us to say goodbye. This can be very challenging, but an important part of the grieving process.

Most people experience similar stages of grief, although not necessarily in the same order or time. These include:

  • accepting that the loss has happened
  • experiencing pain that comes with grief
  • attempting to adjust to life without the other person
  • beginning to move on

Frequenty people experience challenges moving between the different stages and may get stuck on one.

Bereavement counselling can help you move through the stages of grief and learn to cope with the loss of a loved one.

Counselling can help:

  • understanding of the bereavement process
  • help explore remaining areas of conflict
  • resolve areas stopping you move on
  • help you adjust to your new life