Counselling North London

We all feel challenged at some point in our life and counselling can help

Have you been feeling sad, lonely or depressed? Or maybe anxious, lost or struggling with problems in relationships?

Counselling can help you with these and so many other issues.

I've found many people grow up not being to encouraged to express or process their feelings. Often feelings of distress have not been adequately acknowledged. As a result, when people experience challenges in life they tend to 'bottle' up or negate their feelings, never having had the chance to work through them. And when those feelings are kept inside, the pressure can build up more and more until they feel like they are going to explode.

In my counselling, I offer a caring and trusting environment where you can explore all your feelings including those you may experience as troublesome, such as guilt or shame. We will have the space to look at these feelings and your associated thoughts, and work through them. At my practice for counselling in North London, I can work with you in person or online to help you find resolution.

Does life sometimes seem overwhelming to you?

Do you ever feel sad or lonely, even when you have close relationships?

Would you like to find ways to enjoy life more fully?

These are just a few of the areas people explore in sessions. As a counsellor and psychotherapist, my aim is to help you express your feelings and gain deeper insight into the challenges that you are dealing with. In doing this, you can discover possible changes in the way that you think and behave.