Enfield Counselling & Psychotherapy

We Are On A Mission

There are times in all our lives when things seem to get on top of us and everything can seem too much. These are the times where some people try to ignore those feelings and get on with life. Other people realise that talking to someone can help them come to terms with their feelings and find way to deal with them.

Ignoring feelings and trying to bottle them up inside often makes things worse. In the UK many people grew up in a culture of 'being strong' and not expressing their feelings. As a result, we now see that mental health has become a very serious issue.

My Enfield Counselling practice is local to Enfield Town and the surrounding areas. I offer a confidential and caring counselling and psychotherapy service to help you in times when you feel you do need help.

I'm passionate about helping people make changes in their lives and helping you find ways to cope more easily and feel better about life, whatever that means to you.

Sessions last for 50 minutes and that time focuses on areas that you would like to explore. I have a background in integrative psychotherapeutic approaches randing from counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy to mindfulness techniques.

Depending upon what you are experiencing at the moment, we will decide on an approach to help you make the changes you want.

The first session involves a consultation, where we will explore the issues you are facing and begin to formulate an approach that will best serve you.

As well as my Enfield Counselling practice, I also work with clients in Palmers Green, offering the flexibility to be more local depending where you live.