Counselling for relationships

As human beings we are born to relate from birth. We are always in relationship with other people, be it with colleages at work, with our partner or family at home or with your friends. You may experience that your relationships are very positive all or most of the time, or you may struggle with some aspects of your relationships some of the time. For example you may frequently struggle with low self esteem, anger, anxiety and other emotions. All of these experiences are driven by and impacting on your relationships. Counselling helps you to look compassionately at the relatonional difficulties that you are experiencing, gaining insight into the causes for these difficulites/challenges and helping you to address them.

I work with individuals to help them improve their relationships. One of the most important places to start to improve your relationships is by working on yourself. We frequently experience frustration, disappointment, anxiety and anger as a result of our past experiences that we then project onto our current relationships.

Through exploring our current relationships, we can understand our relational patterns, how they have developed and through personal insight learn how to change how we act and react in relationships in the future.

Part of this work may be exploring your attachment style. Throughout our lives we develop an attachment style which can be secure, anxious or avoidant.

When we have experienced challenges in relationships at some point in our lives, whether from childhood or at any point in our lives, we may develop an anxious or avoidant attachment style.

An anxious attachment style may frequently be preoccupied with thoughts and concerns about their relationship. There may be a deep anxiety regarding being abondonded by their partner. As a result, this can cause a high degree of anxiety in our relationships and can influence our behaviours in ways that actually sabotage our current relationships.

An avoidant relationship style may be demonstrated with a need to push our partner away emotionally when we feel they are too emotional. Frequently this can be seen with people who struggle to maintain long term relationships.

With counselling, we will explore the development of your attachment style and help you learn to become more secure in your relationships.